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Flexible Financial Tools

Add convenience to your finances! We help make your financial life simpler by offering personal credit cards and debit cards. Not only can a credit or debit card help you make the purchases you need, earn rewards and track purchases with ease.

Visa® Credit Cards

The right credit card not only helps you make everyday purchases, but also rewards you for doing so. We offer a variety of personal credit cards from Visa to meet your specific needs:

  • Visa Signature Real Rewards - no annual fee
  • Visa Signature College Real Rewards Card - no annual fee
  • Visa Platinum - no annual fee
  • Visa Secured Card

Your credit card gives you the power to make purchases online, in person and around the world!

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Online Credit Card Account Access


Mastercard® Debit Cards

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Mastercard debit cards from River Cities Bank provide the utmost convenience and security for your online, in-person and worldwide transactions. You also receive the benefits of 24/7 real-time fraud monitoring on all of your purchases, as well as surcharge-free ATMs that are a part of the ATM Access Network.

Security Features

All of our Mastercard debit cards utilize EMV technology. The chip embedded in your debit card creates a one-time code for each transaction you conduct at a chip-enabled terminal. Once used, the code can no longer be used again.

Signature vs. PIN-Based Transactions

 Signature (Credit)PIN (debit)
Type of transactionOfflineOnline
When funds are deductedMay post the same day, but typically don't clear for two to three days after transactionImmediately from your checking account
SecurityMore secure; less information is at risk should a vendor you shopped with experience a data breachLess secure; more information is at risk should a vendor you shopped with experience a data breach

Gift Cards

What makes the best gift for birthdays, work anniversaries or graduations? Money! You can provide all the benefits of giving cash by giving the special people in your life a Gift Card from River Cities Bank. It acts like real cash and can be used just about anywhere. Stop by any of our offices in Wisconsin Rapids, Stevens Point or Baraboo today to purchase yours!


Reloadable Cards

Take the convenience of cash with you wherever you go with a Reloadable Card from River Cities Bank. Your card can be used in person and online to make the purchases you need. When your balance runs low, simply add more cash to the card without having to carry the cash with you. These cards are great for your college kids, and if you are interested in limiting online fraud. Stop by any of our offices in Wisconsin Rapids, Stevens Point or Baraboo to get yours today!

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