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Online and Mobile Banking Tools

Keep your finances organized! Your busy life doesn’t always leave a lot of time for managing your finances. Our eBanking services give you the tools to bank when and where you need to. All of our online and mobile banking products are focused on saving you time while providing industry-standard security to keep your information safe.


Manage ALL of your River Cities Bank accounts FROM ONE centralized location WITH our online banking services!  eBanking allows you TO review balances, CHECK your TRANSACTION history, transfer funds AND monitor your spending habits RIGHT FROM your computer. You can also SET up Account Alerts that can be received through TEXT OR email.

ePay Center

Make bill payments instantly! NOW you can pay ONE-TIME AND recurring bills electronically, AND get them delivered TO ONE place. NO more stacks of bills, buying stamps OR waiting FOR a vendor TO PROCESS your payment!

  • Categorize your bills TO stay organized
  • Pay other individuals easily AND securely USING PopMoney®, WITH NO exchange of account information*
  • Receive reminders WHEN bills are coming due
  • Free Bill Pay WITH our eVantage, Cashback, AND Relationship checking accounts; Simplicity Checking Bill Pay IS $2.95 monthly FOR up TO 6 transactions, $0.50 per TRANSACTION thereafter**

*Cell phone provider TEXT rates may apply

**Additional fees may apply


Reduce clutter AND stay organized! WITH eStatements, you get a secure, organized look AT 18 months of your bank statements. Access EACH eStatement BY logging INTO your eBanking. You can also save EACH statement TO your computer OR download ALL the DATA TO your own financial software system.

Enrolling IN eStatements

Signing up FOR eStatements only takes a couple of minutes. Here’s how:

  1. SIGN INTO eBanking
  2. Click ON PROFILE IN the top menu bar
  3. Click edit NEXT TO Electronic Statements
  4. Switch your Delivery Method FROM "Paper" TO "eStatement" BY clicking IN the bubble NEXT TO eStatement. Also CHECK TO make sure the email address IS correct.
  5. Click ON the link TO review the River Cities Bank Electronic Statement Terms AND Conditions
  6. CHECK the box that you agree TO the terms AND conditions
  7. Fill IN the confirmation CODE IN the box; this can be FOUND IN the Terms AND Conditions document that you reviewed
  8. Click Save

Trusteer Rapport

Take your online SECURITY TO the NEXT LEVEL WITH a free download of IBM® SECURITY Trusteer Rapport™! USING this tool will HELP you prevent fraud AND feel protected WHILE USING our eBanking services.

How Does Trusteer Rapport™ WORK?

WHEN you have Trusteer Rapport™ downloaded TO your computer, it acts AS a filter that removes ANY existing financial malware FROM your computer. It also prevents malware infections AND phishing attacks ON your computer. Trusteer Rapport™ IS QUICK TO INSTALL, doesn’t slow down your computer AND automatically updates IN the background TO ensure you stay protected AT ALL times.

Download Trusteer Rapport™

FOR more information about Trusteer Rapport™, watch the video above OR visit IBM’s Trusteer Rapport™ information page.

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Mobile Banking

Take your River Cities Bank accounts with you wherever you go with Mobile Banking! You can access your accounts by downloading our Android or iPhone apps, using your phone’s mobile internet browser or via text message service. Each of these mobile banking methods is protected by the same industry-standard security as your eBank account.

Download our mobile banking app in the Apple App Store   Download our mobile banking app in the Google Play Store

Enrolling in Mobile Banking is Easy!

Mobile Banking requires an eBanking account. Once you are an eBanking user, follow these steps to enroll in Mobile Banking:

  • Log into your eBanking account
  • Click Helpful Links in the upper right-hand corner
  • Choose Mobile Banking Enrollment

*Additional fees may apply.Message and data rates may apply.


Deposit personal checks from wherever you are! eDeposit is an advanced feature within our Mobile Banking app that allows you to electronically deposit checks without having to visit any of our offices. Simply endorse your check “For Mobile Deposit Only” along with your signature, snap a few pictures, tap the account the check should be deposited to and you’re done!

Watch our video to learn how to best use eDeposit to deposit your personal checks!


Make person-to-person payments easier with Popmoney®, all you need is the app and a mobile phone number or email address of the person you need to pay. It’s perfect for paying babysitters, collecting money from the group outing you organized and practically any other situation when you need to pay or collect money from someone else.

How Popmoney® Works

To Send Money

  1. Enter in the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number (the recipient doesn’t need to have an existing account)
  2. Enter how much you need to pay
  3. They get notified to deposit their money
  4. If the recipient has never used Popmoney® before, they’ll have to enter their account information
  5. Once they enter their account information, the money is deposited into their bank account in one to three business days.

To Request Money

  1. Enter in the emails or mobile phone numbers for the people you need to collect money from
  2. They receive the request to pay
  3. If they forget, Popmoney® sends them reminders
  4. Once they complete their account information, the money will be deposited in your account in as little as one to three business days

Visit www.popmoney.com for more information, or contact your River Cities Bank office for assistance in setting up Popmoney®.

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