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If you are trying to access Online Banking or ECorp, and after repeated attempts, you continue to receive an error message regarding an incorrect Access ID, please ensure that you are entering your Access ID correctly. If you are sure that your Access ID is correct, and you are using Internet Explorer, your Security or Toolbar settings may need to be adjusted. These settings can be adjusted automatically or manually, using the instructions below.

We recommend using the "Fix It" button to adjust your Internet Explorer Security settings first. If you continue to receive an error message after completing this step, you may have toolbars installed on your computer that are affecting the performance of Online Banking or ECorp. If this is the case, you will need to follow the instructions below to Disable Toolbars.


Adjust Internet Explorer Settings Automatically

There are certain settings in Internet Explorer that may need to be adjusted in order for it to be compatible with River Cities Bank Online Banking or ECorp.

If you want to automatically adjust these settings, click the "Fix It" button to the right.

The following Internet Explorer Security settings will be adjusted:

  • Add Online Banking website to Trusted Site and Compatibility View lists
  • Turn Pop-up Blocker off for the River Cities Bank Online Banking site
  • Maintain Browsing History
  • Preserve Favorites Website Data
  • Empty Temporary Internet Files Folder when browser is closed
  • Clear Temporary Internet Files, Cookies and History

After the settings are adjusted, Internet Explorer will automatically open and you will be able to log in to River Cities Bank Online Banking or ECorp.

Note: This function will only run on computers with a Windows operating system (Vista, Windows 7, 8). It will not run on tablets, phones or Apple computers.


Adjust Internet Browser Settings Manually

If you want to manually adjust your Internet browser settings, click here and you will be directed to a page with instructions on how to complete these tasks.


Disable Toolbars

When your computer receives updates or you download files from the Internet, toolbars are sometimes installed that may cause issues with the functionality of certain sites, including River Cities Bank Online Banking and ECorp. To disable any toolbars that may be installed on your computer, please click here and follow the instructions.


River Cities Bank Remote Support

For additional assistance, we may request access to view your screen remotely. This will allow us to see exactly what you are seeing on your screen so that we can assist you more effectively and efficiently. This access would be requested by one of our employees while we are on the phone with you. In order to initiate a remote session, click the button below.

Begin Remote Support Session

Instructions to Run

  • Click the Fix it button below.
  • Click Open
  • Double click the file name: online banking settings.exe.
  • Click Run

Fix It

When you click "Fix It", Internet Explorer will close, and any unsaved information will be lost. Before running this update, be sure to save anything that you may be working on.

Click here to view your browser and internet settings information


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