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Flexible Payment Options

No business owner would want less convenience in their lives. That’s why we offer credit and debit card services for business owners to make the purchases they need to keep their businesses running smoothly. We also offer card processing services, gift cards and reloadable cards to help keep things convenient.


Visa® Business Credit Cards

The business world never stops, and neither do your business’s needs. Why wait until the right funds are on hand when you can make the purchases you need with a Visa Business Credit Card?

River Cities Bank offers three business cards to choose from to match your company’s needs:*

  • Visa Business Card - no annual fee
  • Visa Business Real Rewards - no annual fee
  • Visa Business Rewards PLUS
  • Visa Business Cash Card - no annual fee

With the right credit card, you can make business purchases nearly anywhere, anytime in person, online or around the world. Most importantly, our rewards cards come with the rewards program that allows you to earn points to redeem for a variety of different rewards.

Apply for Your Business Credit Card!

Note: The Visa Business Bonus Rewards Plus card has an annual fee of $50 per company; employee cards are free.

*Subject to credit approval


Mastercard® Debit Cards for Business

Never write another check or withdraw cash for a business transaction again! A Mastercard® Business Debit Card gives you the flexibility to make everyday business purchases in person and online with ease.

You can make payments virtually anytime and anywhere. Plus, since payments are deducted automatically from your business checking account, you know your account information is always accurate. Our business debit cards have no monthly fees or finance charges.

Lost or Stolen Card

If you have lost your card or it has been stolen, please contact us directly at 715-422-1100 or toll free at 877-525-7155 during business hours. If you need to report your card as lost or stolen after hours, use the number listed below, as appropriate.

Mastercard® ATM Card or Debit Card (personal and business)

  • 800-472-3272 (US)
  • 614-564-5101 (overseas)

Visa® Credit Card – Personal

  • 800-558-3424

Visa® Credit Card - Business

  • 866-552-8855
  • After reporting your card lost or stolen through the number listed above, please call us during business hours and request a new card.



*Subject to credit approval


Credit Card Processing

You value convenience, and so do your customers. Ensure you are meeting their expectations with a Point Of Sale system that processes most major credit cards.  Not only can this expand your customer base, it also means you benefit from increased sales and quick settlement of payments.

  • Setup process is quick and easy
  • Competitive rates
  • Tailored to meet your business’s credit card processing needs
  • Quick batch processing means transactions clear faster
  • Process most major credit and debit cards
  • Convenient wireless terminals are available

Contact us to learn more about Credit Card Processing and how it can help your business!


Gift Cards: Treat Your Employees

What makes the best gift for employees, work anniversaries or graduations? Money! You can provide all the benefits of giving cash by giving the special people in your life a Gift Card from River Cities Bank. It acts like real cash and can be used just about anywhere. Stop by any of our offices in Wisconsin Rapids, Stevens Point or Baraboo today to purchase yours!


Reloadable Cards

Take the convenience of cash with you wherever you go with a Reloadable Card from River Cities Bank. Your card can be used in person and online to make the purchases you need. When your balance runs low, simply add more cash to the card without having to carry the cash with you. Stop by any of our offices in Wisconsin Rapids, Stevens Point or Baraboo to get yours today!

Help us provide products and services that guide your success.

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